150.000 VPP – Back To MTT’s – Preparing For SCOOP 2012

Hey guys,

just a short update: 150.000 VPP for now. Since I am still waiting for my new computer + screen and have stuff to figure out I put the SNE chase on hold at this point. I might pick up where I left off later this year. Probably around summer. But after all this scams I have some rebuilding to do. Also I have to prepare for SCOOP 2012 and try to defend my Stud-Title πŸ˜‰ More on my plans for the SCOOP in my next post.



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44$ Turbo Ship & Happy Birthday Sunday Million

Hey folks, after a bad run on Sunday I finally managed to win a tournament again. Tonight I had a couple of deep runs and dealed heads up for 7.6k in the 44$ Turbo. So tonight I am up about 5k which is fine considering the usual Sunday results (except for the last one). So this was my 2nd winning Sunday this year hopefully a lot more will follow.

Tonight was also the Birthday of the Sunday Million. The biggest Online-Tournament of the week is running for 6 years now. So tonight they had 6 million dollars gtd w 1kk for the winner. The event had 33.732 starters which shows that Online-Poker even without americans is far from over πŸ™‚ That is the good news. The bad news is that I finished around 2500th place for 5xx$. Isolated a limper in the key hand with AJ when he had A8o and the flop showed A89. Huge value these tourneys obv but you need more than just one lifetime to get what you deserve EV wise ;D So that was the MTT weekend. My new shedule leaves me 3 days for tournaments. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Other than that I grind Sng/mtts and Cash Games for the points. So there will be more news on the SNE chase and maybe more screenshots of MTT Cashes after Tuesday. Take care & good luck at the tables!

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SNE Chase: 125.000 VPP & NBA Bets

Hey guys, no big scores last weekend except for the 180 player sng/mtts. Pokerstars is running 60$ 180’s every Sunday as a test and I was able to win one of them for 3k and finish 2nd in another for 2k. In the other MTTs I don’t run to good in the important spots. Lots of mincashes but nothing useful. I hope for a turn around in my tournament luck soon. Since I am grinding hard every day and the plan is to reach Supernova Elite (SNE) by the end of this year I want to keep track of my VPPs from now on. So expect posts on a more regular basis from now on. Right now I only have 125.000 VPP. Thats 12.5% of SNE. Considering the bankroll damage in the beginning of this year I am still satisfied with it. I hope to make a lot more points when I get back to playing higher stakes. But if tournaments keep fucking me up I grind it out on 2/4 – 3/6 and Sngs between 15 and 60$ Buy In. For my health I hope I won’t have to do it but I won’t give up the chase even though most people advised me to do so. And I gotta admit it’s much harder than I expected. But I want to keep going until I reach my goal. Maybe things pick up during the next 2-3 months and I can play higher to get back on pace. But if I stop now it would be much harder to get back into it when the time comes. The next milestone is 200k of course and I want to reach it by the end of this month. It’s gonna be very hard but maybe I get there. I am in a good state of mind and started doing sports about 4 times a week a couple of weeks ago. And I really enjoy it which is a big surprise since I have been lazy for almost 4 years. Anyway let’s see if I reach the 200k milestone this month there won’t be any breaks for sure!

And since I don’t have to work hard enough already I got back into Sportsbetting. Only NBA since thats the only league I used to make profits. So far I am up 1k€ this week. If I post on evenings or afternoons and made my picks already I share some of my favorites form now on with you. So here we go:

Moneyline & Handicap:

Utah Jazz (+7.5) vs Philadelphia 76ers
Cleveland Cavaliers (+13) vs Oklahoma City Thunder
New Orleans Hornets (+11.5) vs Denver Nuggets
Dallas Mavericks vs Sacramento Kings (+2)


Utah Jazz/Philadelphia 76ers (O 185)
Los Angeles Lakers/Minnesota Timberwolves (O 193)
Portland Trail Blazers/Boston Celtics (O 184)
Los Angeles Clippers/San Antonio Spurs (U 195)

Let’s see if I still got it in me. Def I am gonna stay away from soccer bets or the MLB. Don’t make the same mistakes twice πŸ˜‰

Even though I was never a huge fan of Henry Maske, I find the song really motivating.

And because it’s been so long since I had a screenshot to post here is the recent 180 player ship:

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Gibraltar FML Story / Back On The Grind

Hey folks, long time no post. There is several reasons for that. I start with the real life. I was supposed to move into a new apartment on February 1st. But as usual in south-europe nobody can keep promises or even stick to contracts. On the evening me and my friend should’ve picked up the keys the guy told us you gonna wait 3-4 more days because the other tenants are still in there. There furniture for their new place (same estate agency) wasn’t there. We were pretty upset but they moved us into a new place the next day, with Internet and everything. Baller Apartment so it was alright. After the 4 days were over the furniture still wasn’t there, so this “next day”-talk went on for a while. 14 days later the family finally moves out 18 days were already over, the ageny or landlord didn’t manage to switch the electricity. So it was shut down. You would think in a civilized country that this can’t be a big problem. Afterall we are supposed to move into a major aparment-block with tons of flats and as long as this building has electricity, whats the fucking problem? Turns out in Gib it can take up to 14 days to get the electricity back on. I might expect things like this in Thailand or Africa or whatever, but not in a place where you pay about 1.500€ for the usual one-bedroom apartment. The story obv doesn’t end here. It was the 17th and the baller place I was in was lent to the agency by some rich guys from England. Some gay couple with shitloads of money. This couple was coming back and I had to leave their place. Of course with no electricity I would have to move into a free apartment again. At this point I was already wearing the same cloth everyday, because I didn’t wanna unpack. There was no free storage room and I was supposed to move any day anyway. At least thats what I was told everyday. So I moved again the 3rd time in less than 3 weeks. At this point I was pissed already. The next place was fine but the Internet didn’t work. Obv beautiful situation for a Pokerplayer on SNE-Chase to have an apartment without electricty that is paid for 6 months in advance and another apartment where you actually can live that doesn’t Internet.

I was fed up with the start of the year already. Losing 40.000$ in a horrible downswing, that still seems to be going on btw, getting scammed by three fucked up losers in the end of 2011 for additional 8.000$ and losing also last year 10.000$ on a bad staking run. Although it happened last year it all hurts bad after starting the year like this. The 10k staking bad run is fine though, afterall it was mostly good +EV spots. Nevertheless it was all fucked up. Over 50.000$ were missing that I wanted to use for my SNE Chase in 2012. I payed like 6.000$ for an apartment that still had to be cleaned and fixed a little after the electricity and internet works if it ever does and I was sitting in a internetless apartment in the same fucking clothes I was wearing for about 3 weeks. I had disconnects in Gibraltar due to blackouts that cost me sth. between 8 and 10.000$ as well. I had to play my sunday shedule at my friends places who had a spare room with a borrowed laptop because mine wasn’t working for several reasons. The lend one was pretty old though and multitabling was suge a pain in the ass. And Stars was lagging as well over the weekend combined with Gibraltar disconnection problems.Β Also I had to chase after my old landlord for another 1.000$. She told me I was her best tenant and treated the apartment well and bla bla bullshit. But when it comes to pay me back what is mine, she suddenly stops returning my calls. Talk is cheap, fucking slut! I just couldn’t take it anymore. I was so fed up with Gib I booked a flight outta there. How much longer can I afford to lose money like this? I blind out and lose thousands of Dollars not to mention the EV I lose. The way I run any tournament could turn anything around for me so I can’t afford to just miss a couple of orbits from time to time. In Cash Game this might work, there is even disconnect protection in some games but MTTs and SNGs they just go on if I am there or not. Meanwhile I am chasing SNE and think about pissing in a fucking bottle to not lose money while going to the toilet (not joking, I haven’t done it yet but I am really considering and I know several players who do it). Trying to max profits like this and lose 10.000$ to typical Gibraltar mishaps. I mean it’s one thing if everything else is going according to plan but this year nothing works out the way its supposed to. And the most disgusting thing is people that don’t stick to their word. Where is the fucking honor in this world? Doesn’t matter if you are landlord, estate agent, poker player, banker, politician or whatever. Liers and cheaters all over the fucking place. If I can’t pay back my stakers or sth. I tell them I don’t have it right now, it’s Poker you know. Can be crazy sometimes, let’s work out a rate and I pay back more when I can. Or you can share this and that but I would keep going until everybody is paid or at least pay most of it back but so it’s not a total loss for them. Why people just disappear and hide or find stupid excuses all the time is beyond me. I mean look what happened to me the last 4-5 weeks. I got fucked so bad but do you think I didn’t pay my share for the new place even though it wasn’t ready. No, I made a promise so I pay the money. 6.000$ for an apartment I never sat foot in. But I would never let the other two guys down. Meanwhile I get screwed over by other people all my life. I also had to sleep at Malaga Airport again though I was more waiting 10 hours for my flight but I couldn’t find a driver out of Gib later. Disgusting let me tell you. From other countries in Europe I can be faster in Australia but whatever. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger right?!

Enough whining about my life. I got my health and I am a young man with ability. Life could be so much worse πŸ˜‰ I will be back at the tables this Saturday. Got my Holdem Manager working again, took me about 6 hours to fix but whatever. I don’t wanna give up any edge no more. Times are tough enough as it is. I am way behind pace but hey it’s over 10 month til the end of the year πŸ™‚ 95.000 VPP & a heavily damaged bankroll won’t hold me back. Supernova Elite here I come!!!

More on Poker in my next post. I am gonna talk less about life and more about playing and the Poker World in the future posts. But people have been asking me where I am and why I am not playing and whats going on. So I thought I just unload my shit here so everybody knows and I can move on afterwards.

Actually I like the original version much better, but the song-choice is more about making a point because the title is perfect. I just find stupid remix ripoffs and I don’t wanna bother searching at 6AM. Hope you don’t mind.

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Runner Up In The 109$ Turbo & Nick the Greek Dandolos

Hey guys, I finally had breakthrough the last two days. I was first finishing 2nd in a 25$ Hyper for 2.300$ losing 88 to J6 in the Heads Up. It was my 12.000 Tournament on Pokerstars so a ship would’ve been pretty cool. Nevertheless it was nice to see that I still can cash 4 digits ;D Tonight I was only playing a few of the higher stakes Turbo Tournaments while playing Stud 10/20 and 30/60. And the 109$ Turbo made my day. I finished 2nd for 7.000$. That put my profits over 10.000$ in the last two days. Nice after this downswing. I hope after those two days its over now. Pretty sick graph still, but like I said there is hope πŸ˜‰

There is still a lot of money gone but intend to keep going to get it all back and more. In the end you can only try to play your best everyday. Sometimes that is not so easy, but I am really satisfied with my play. It obv has been a disgusting month, still I was sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong or different than I did the two years before. It is really scary how sick variance can be. I mean you always say there is huge variance in Poker and even more in MTT-Poker but when you mix in the MTT/Sngs and everything and still lose over 300 Buy Ins in just 20 days or so it is a huge shock. As you can see above the volume was close to 1.800 games and that is quite a lot. Especially because the highstakes fields are pretty small during week days. Obv every downswings is part of the game and it is also part of a good players skill to react in a proper way to it. I never tilted and always at least tried to play my best and doing the right thing. Because sometimes in a down you tend to get scared and stop doing close +EV moves. That can’t be the right thing to do. Anyway what I am trying to say is even after over 2 years of daily grinding online and about 25.000 games and hundred thousands of Cash Game hands I was terrified and felt also a little helpless. If everything works out correctly the good player should and will win in the long run for sure. But afterall the variance doesn’t know you are in a downswing and it is not a 100% certain that you run better after you keep playing your best. Also I think that almost everyone who is living on this game has a limit to what he can afford to lose and also how long he can keep up playing strong Poker while losing all the time for weeks and months. Mine wasn’t reached in this downswing of course I don’t really know what my limit might be anyway. It’s def not the money that could stop me because I even massgrind 5$ games or play 0.50/1$ stakes if I have too. That is why I chosed Nick the Greek Dandolos as my new avatar this year. He was one of the early Highrollers between 1920 and 1966 and has won and lost over 500.000.000$ adjusted for 2009 inflation. Near the end of his life he was playing 5$ Draw Poker and was asked how he could once play for millions and now suge small stakes. He said: “It’s action isn’t it?” I don’t really feel the same way of course. I am not really a real gambler at heart but every person has a little gamble in them some more some less. Nevertheless I want to make a lot of money in my life for the sake of freedom, independency and power money provides. So there I won’t gamble it all away to be poor again when I am 65 or so. But what inspires me is that the guy kept going no matter what. I think it is impressive to continue to do your best even though everything seems to have turned against you. That is how I reacted to this downswing or when I was broke about one year ago. To me it seems to be a big advantage to fight back all the time, because when running good everybody can play. But how many players have been at the top for a short period and were never seen again. Some quit because they wanna do sth different but usually even those guys never quit forever but just play a lot less. The majority just can’t handle the variance because it is disgusting, frustrating and can make you sick. So I wanna be like Nick or other legends, never to leave out +EV spots when they occur. After this idea is tattooed onto my brain I hopefully won’t care as much about losing and downswinging. In the end though it will always be hard getting through a ruff time. Okay enough with the reflections on downswings for today. Let’s hope this is the turnaround for good. Tomorrow I am gonna play the Highroller Event after selling 50% of the action. If sth happens this Sunday I write a post of course otherwise you probably gonna here from me at the end of the week after the moving process is over. Okay that’s it for now.

Johnny Clegg is the oldest musician I can remember. My father is a big fan of him for years and when I was 2-3 years old in the end of the 80’s he was playing this music and I really liked it a lot. And today I still do. It’s kind of like South-African Pop-Music often with a politic message. That is what I love about good music. Nice melody, good voice and vibe combined with a message for the listener. It can’t get any better. The title is actually African Dream, I just changed it and didn’t know how to change the title. It’s just to late to get into that right now πŸ˜‰

Okay guys take care and be sure to check my blog next week.

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New Apartment Deal & View On Online-Poker In 2012

Hey guys, I just signed the contract for a new Apartment in Gibraltar today. I am moving next Tuesday to a much bigger place with two fellow players. The greatest thing is I am gonna end up saving 3 -4.000$ per year on this move. I got a few pictures already, when we move in and everything is ready I take a few pictures myself. But since I wanna start blogging again I thought I use some online pictures to color this post up a little.




I don’t wanna talk about me playing Poker in this post right here. So what else is new in Online-Poker? Our group of german players in Gib got bigger this year. I think we got 2 or 3 new people. Even so Poker is going down right now people are still turning pro. Still it looks pretty bad right now. Fixed Limit seems to be dead, No Limit Highstakes isn’t looking good either. The Mixed Game Action is still suffering pretty hard from the loss of the US-Players. So there isn’t too much left. Even highstakes tournaments are filled with decent regulars like myself not to mention the mtt-sngs people use for SNE. The only thing running is PLO even on the high stakes but still. Not that it’s impossible to make good money but it has definetely never been this hard. Obv that leads to more swings.

The good news is that Zynga Poker is planing to make a move into Real-Money Poker. This could bring a lot new players to the tables. I am really excited about this development. The bad news is that the regulation in the US isn’t going well. Every state is working on their own solution instead of working together nationwide. Pretty much the same EU bullshit. They are all moving in the wrong direction. I guess politicians are just stupid slow-moving people everywhere in the world. Nevertheless the Zynga-Plans give us Online-Pros some hope for proper action in the future. I am going to watch this development closely to make sure I am being in the group of first ones there. At least Hold Em and PLO Action will be taken care of the Zynga way. Good Mixed Game Action without Americans is hard to imagine though. Okay, check my blog for new updates over the weekend.

Take care and good luck at the tables!

I’ve been listening to a lot of Peter Gabriel lately. Former Lead-Singer of Genesis before Phil Collins took over. Really great Singer and Songwriter. He wrote the Song after leaving Genesis and it’s about climbing the mountain Sulsbury Hill in Sumerset. It motivates me:

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Worst Downswing Of My Life

Hey guys, the SNE year started as bad as possible. Since the 2nd January I keep losing constantly. Just awful. I don’t wanna talk much about it. I think so far I left the graph speak for me instead:

I get back to you about this disaster in a couple of days. So far I have not really a decent explanation except that I am running beyond crap. I continue to the end of January and then take another look at the situation. So long.

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