Poker: The Milestones of my Career

This part of the blog is supposed to give the visitors an overview. I wrote a  text earlier when I started this blog and I don’t want to erase it now. But I thought it might be a nice idea to list my successes for a quick overview and the people who want to know a little more can still read the text. Ok here we go:

  • Sunday Warm Up 6th Place for 32.286$ – January 17th 2010
  • 45k gtd 109$ Buy In Sunday 3way Deal for 25.745$ – August 10th 2010
  • Caesars Palace Deep Stack Series SE 2nd Place (Deal) for 8.500$ – June 2010
  • Daily Ninety Grand Sunday Special 4th Place for 18.689$ – March 27th 2011
  • SCOOP 2011 – Stud High Event 3.150$ Buy In 3rd Place for 13.800$ – May 11th
  • SCOOP 2011 – Stud Mid Event 1st Place for 11.615$ & 2.500€ Watch – May 11th
  • Sunday Supersonic 2nd Place for 25.140$ – September 4th
  • 5k gtd 109$ Turbo Sunday 1st Place for 15.930$ – September 18th

There are a lot more cashes between 500$ and 7.000$ but nothing important. The cashes above I consider the milestones of my young career. Overall I won around 200.000$ so far. More than 80% of it on, of course including Rakeback & CashGames.

Everybody who want a short overview until my move from Germany to Gibraltar should read this:

I started my poker career with Sng’s back in 2006 on Party Poker.  To be honest I didn’t perform to well on the 6-22$ singletables. I also played on Bwin back then and had a nice tournament run, where I won 2k. This was an amazing feeling, little did I know, I was still a huge fish. I dropped the 2k back in about 3-4 weeks and startet cashing in way too much money for my age (19). I had a couple of great runs, but I kept going broke constantly. I always wanted too much and never really understood what variance means and how it should affect my bankroll management. I was working in these days and always after work I played poker for hours deep into the night. I used to sleep only 3-4 hours for a whole year and of course my game didn’t improve much. But I was never gonna give up, always wondering how some people make a living on this game. I started reading books and talked to winning players online. I also was advised to check out and even though I never did too much studying there, because I already had untracked accounts on every good site, I learned a lot from their forum. I looked up the blog’s of some pros there and was shocked how sick variance can be. I always thought they were talking about the “long-run” meaning a couple of days at most. Then I found out about downswings going on for months espeacially in tournament poker, which I decided to make my main game in 2009. So as I said in my introduction, I was still no real winningplayer in summer 2009, even though I had ups over a couple of grand. I always took that money and spend it on partying, betting, a dvd/music collection, trips to New York and stuff like that.

So there I was with 200$  left from the last cashout on Pokerstars, deciding I’m going to become a pro and live only on poker. My father and I had a deal that he was gonna pay my rent and food for a half year, so I was on a tight shedule. I started with 13$ Sngs and builded my bankroll with a very loose BRM to 2k in 3 weeks.  From there I dropped to 1,2k where I decided to swich to MTTs. I started grinding the 180 Player MTTs and went from the 2k to 5k in the end of 2009, despite a lot of cash outs for my living expenses. On this point I decided it was time to step into the bigger tournament arena. I started playing the daily tournaments and even qualified every sunday for the sunday million and warm up, which is 215$ Buy In. I was amazed how fishy this tounraments were. In January I ran lucky and finisehd top 20 in the Sunday Million and on 6th in the Warm Up, which was definitely my breakthrough, giving me a bankroll boost from 6k to over 30 grand. I was at this point smart enough to know, a cash this big doesn’t come around everyday. So I didn’t move up in the Buy In’s much, cashed out 20k and played 5$-55$ Buy In (sundays aside). In february I won again 8k on Everest, after that I won 4k first place in 44$ on Stars and still grinding 180er on the side. I also had some nice cash game results in live poker and won a couple of grand. In May I ran deep in the Sunday Million again and came in 12th for about 8,5k.

After that  I went to Vegas to play Side Events of the WSOP and the other tournaments at Caesars and the Venetian. I cashed for 25k, spending almost half of that money on expenses and fun including shows, nice dinners, party and stuff. I also won 7k in the 11$+ on Stars for a 2nd place and had 3 more final tables in the 30k gtd 109$ Turbo and the 22$+. So I had a really nice summer cashing a couple of grand several times. In August I made it to the 45k gtd 109$ final table and made a deal for >25k 3 handed. After that I was all excited about the WCOOP and dropped about 15k in 3-4 weeks, beeing really unlucky. The only success was a 2nd Chance event, where I came in 6th on an all pro final table, cashing for 4,8k.I still play tournaments from 5$ up to 215$ Buy In’s, occasionally even 500$ or in live tournaments even 2,5k.

This is a short list of milestones that I had in my young career and hopefully I will expand my successes. I also play Stud Hi Cash Game on several sites and even Cash Games or (Heads Up-) Sng’s if the games are weak. My Stars-ROI in MTTs is even after the ugly WCOOP run 63% for 2010. I hope I can work on that and bring that up to 80-85%. Also I wanna start playing other sites more often.

On this blog I will tell you on the front page how things are going. The german translation of this text will take a couple of years I guess 😉


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