Big 162 Shipped: 4 Handed Chiplead-Deal

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I had some good news. But even I can’t run like shit forever. After finishing 3rd last week for 3.500$ in the 55$ 2X I finally managed to win 5 digits again. Tonight I dealed 4 handed as Chipleader in the Big 162$ for 16.500$ my biggest score of the year. Finally I was able to win with 12 left with AQ vs AK in a setup situation and for a huge pot with KK vs AK when the flopped showed AKx 😉 At first I just saw the Ace and thought it ends like it always does. But even Stars has its doomswitch limits ;D Anyway nuff said:

Cash Game is going alright btw but only because I get so much more Rakeback. Several sick runner runners of course but maybe this ends soon too after tonight. Take care and good luck @ the tables. Imo luck is all you need skill is sooo overrated 😉


About rosenthal87

I'm a pokerplayer from Germany who started his career in the summer of 2009 with 200$ bankroll and no money in the bank, chasing the dream. Because of unsolved tax problems in Germany I'm moving to London in January 2011. With this Blog I'd like to stay in touch with friends & my poker buddies. I will be blogging in englisch and german as well. I will inform you about my day2day life, poker, my trips around the globe and whatever comes to my mind. Enjoy!
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