150.000 VPP – Back To MTT’s – Preparing For SCOOP 2012

Hey guys,

just a short update: 150.000 VPP for now. Since I am still waiting for my new computer + screen and have stuff to figure out I put the SNE chase on hold at this point. I might pick up where I left off later this year. Probably around summer. But after all this scams I have some rebuilding to do. Also I have to prepare for SCOOP 2012 and try to defend my Stud-Title 😉 More on my plans for the SCOOP in my next post.




About rosenthal87

I'm a pokerplayer from Germany who started his career in the summer of 2009 with 200$ bankroll and no money in the bank, chasing the dream. Because of unsolved tax problems in Germany I'm moving to London in January 2011. With this Blog I'd like to stay in touch with friends & my poker buddies. I will be blogging in englisch and german as well. I will inform you about my day2day life, poker, my trips around the globe and whatever comes to my mind. Enjoy!
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One Response to 150.000 VPP – Back To MTT’s – Preparing For SCOOP 2012

  1. Ákos says:

    I hope you will reach your goals. Perfect music for this position.
    Better days dude;)
    NEVER GIVE UP: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZlXWp6vFdE

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