Hey Jokerstars, you serious?

Hey guys, I guess you figured I had another fucked up Sunday since I didn’t post anything. Right! It was disgusting. I can play like 80 tournaments every Sunday and get sucked out in 40 of them. In about 25 I lose by flips which I don’t mind much and the rest I actually go in with the weaker hand and don’t suck out, what a surprise… And then you see people who don’t just run good but seem to be flying. Tonight Stars did their best to fuck me in the head again. AA<AQ pre, KK<KQ pre, AK<A9 on a final table, AK on Axx flop vs backdoor flush draw at the final table bubble. Set of 8’s at a itm bubble also vs backdoorflush. Just to share a few nice examples. I know it’s all variance blabla, but fuck off. You see people at the WSOP getting mad if they lose a fucking coin flip and won a bracelet already. WTF! I don’t give a fuck about coinflips, deep I’m a little sad of course but still. What bothers me is that I lose vs fucking 3 outers all the time and even worse so many backdoorflush/straight draws lately. It’s just disgusting. That’s like 2% all the time. People told me “what are you complaining about, you are up almost 50.000$ this year”… So what? I should be up at least 80k by now. I put in so much work but every day its the same fucking story. Sounds a little strange but I deserve more then I get at the moment ;D

Ok, now that I’ve blown off some steam about Jokerstars lets get back to business. I made 8.000 VPP so far this month which bothers me a little cause it’s not enough. I actually want to make about 20k each month to make the 300k by the end of the year with one or two sicker grinding months. And I got a visitor coming in next week+ the trip to Germany so I’m way behind. But the more important decision is to step away from the tournament grind. I am so sick of the huge swings and want a little more security. So I decided to play almost exlusivly 180er player MTT/Sngs. I think that is a great idea, considering I am one of the best there ist at the moment. They are soft as hell and between 6pm and 3am there is plenty of action. I will 12 table them every day when I decide to play at all and after the action slows down I take in some 18 players sngs as well. Obviously I won’t do that on Sundays. Even though the swings are disgusting, I can’t leave out Sundays. This would be like a crime against Poker and I’m only a guy in a downswing not the DOJ ;D I will play some tourneys like the DNG occasionally but my new main focus is on the 180’s. I am certain I will have a roll over 20k in 2-3 months. Also I consider this new game plan a nice practice for my SNE grind next year. Atm I still share a little Sunday Action but the staking days are over and the bills have been paid. Now it’s time for rebuilding for real and I want a big + at the end of every week (Monday to Saturday). I will post some screenshots of hopefully many ships and the goal ist to win 2 or even 3 of the 180’s in just one night. We’ll see how that works out. I also keep track about that a little and I think I will be able to make around 10k each month. Okay, I gotto go to bed now. My sleeping-rhythm is even worse than it was a couple of weeks ago. I can’t even imagine how I will be able to adjust to german standards in 10 days. I’m so used to get up at 5pm for about 2 years now it’s in my system. I will also work on that problem as well.

Ok, so long. I hope you don’t mind the language, I had a couple of beer ;D

Doesn’t matter how unlucky things are going I won’t let the sun go down on me ;-))


About rosenthal87

I'm a pokerplayer from Germany who started his career in the summer of 2009 with 200$ bankroll and no money in the bank, chasing the dream. Because of unsolved tax problems in Germany I'm moving to London in January 2011. With this Blog I'd like to stay in touch with friends & my poker buddies. I will be blogging in englisch and german as well. I will inform you about my day2day life, poker, my trips around the globe and whatever comes to my mind. Enjoy!
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One Response to Hey Jokerstars, you serious?

  1. djharpo07 says:

    pokerstars is a complete jokeive lost 4 years in a row i keep telling myself its not rigged `but by jesus its rigged or mybe it just picks and chooses who they want to win its sick man it has drove me crazie for 4 years im just a micro player but when i add up the 4 years worth of money i find im loseing quit a bit they once had false aligastions against me that i was someone els they had issues with so i proved to them i wasent that person ever since they have fucked me over time n time again also they tamper with my connection when im sitting with a decent hand how come any other poker site i play on my connection is perfect there nothing but a bunch of gangsters filling there pockets with people rake its a complete joke they say its not rigged and there are millions say it is why havent they proved to the whole world that the site runs a fair game on tv or on a website fk pokerstars i hate the cunts sorry for my lang but they fk me over something shocking i can not prove this but there sick

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